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link: Julia's Fattening Fable - Play online at textadventures.co.uk. Note 1: you need to eat the jars of jam before continuing and the food has no function yet as this is my first game and i need to know a lot more about quest. in other words don't go south until you've eaten. Note 2: If the link doesn't work try running it with a browser.

Interactive Pregnant Chiaki Nanami - HTML5 version. SqwarkDemon. Play in browser.

A sorta point-and-click furry text adventure game centered around stuffing/expansion! noone_fa. Adventure. Play in browser. Fatty Text Adventure Game. A furry, text based, expansion themed, adventure game. ... weight gain inflation, and expansion rpgmaker game, belly stuffing, fat, big belly, breast expansion, Grimimic. Adventure. Vale-City.




Welcome to my next WG-related journal. You鈥檙e asking: 鈥漌hat鈥檚 this journal about?鈥 Well, it鈥檚 a what you could call a 鈥漌G-Hall of Fame鈥.. The Daycare ( A ABDL Tale ) by Idontevenknow777. The Daycare ( A ABDL Tale ) This game was added to the Sandpit for the following reason: Incomplete. The game appears to be unfinished, or is a demo of a longer work which has not yet been completed. Once the game has been completely written, it may be re-categorised..

Sims also gain 1 pound for every 150 calories consumed, meaning a dish like spaghetti will make your Sim 2 pounds heavier. The bar within Create-a-Sim moves from 0 to +100 pounds, so do this about 5x eating spaghetti leftovers and you're 10% of the way up the bar and on the way to a bigger figure. Most muscle-building workouts don't burn.

Laurie was a massively arrogant raven-haired teenage diva, a girl whose ego was almost as large as her gigantic body - she carried over 600 pounds of tender wobbling blubber on her young body with thick rolls of flab at her sides, a swollen boulder-sized Buddha belly, and heavy hanging breasts bigger than fully ripe watermelons.